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With You In Every Step of the Way

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. Since 2003, I have provided clients in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane a wide range of psychological and counselling services to suit their needs. Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a family looking for help, or a person with a disability or carer seeking behaviour support - my therapy sessions are designed to create objectivity and strengthen your resolve to live a life with meaning. Take a look at the services I offer and get in touch with me today.


Effective counselling requires a team approach. We need to work together to uncover the barriers that are getting the road of you living a full life. Using skills from ACT we will build on your self-awareness and adaptability in life, even when facing life’s most complex matters. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you.


When I work with kids or young people I understand the importance of building trust. I want them to feel completely at ease and confident to share their personal experiences in the safety of therapy. So, the involvement of parents in sessions depends upon the needs of the young person and is subject to the discretion of the client and myself. However there are times when parental involvement can be crucial for learning and support. Contact me to discuss your child's concerns further.


Being able to live our life to the fullest is important for everyone! Positive Behaviour Support Plans make this possible for people with a disability who might otherwise be excluded because their behaviour is challenging. I work with the client, family, carers, and support workers to ascertain what the client is trying to communicate with their behaviour. Then I develop a plan and implementation process to make things workable for my client and everyone.


Relationship issues can cause significant distress in our lives. Sometimes the differences seem really tricky, but the commitment to work on the relationship is there. Other times the resentment has become so insurmountable that it feels like there's no point even trying. The aim of my Couples Therapy is to try to come to a resolution while fostering compassion and understanding in the relationship. Contact me today and let me help you find the best in yourself.


Feeling supported in your professional career as a psychologist is important and vital for your self-care and development. By accessing regular supervision, we can work to strengthen your skill set, knowledge and confidence as a practitioner. I am a Board-approved supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs.