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Navigating the Christmas Argy-Bargy

Christmas is supposed to be a time that we come together as a family to celebrate Love, Peace and Joy... But invariably bickering or arguments erupt! Our stress levels are at the max trying to make this the "Perfect Christmas" for everyone. Instead, the kids are winging that they're bored or fighting over the X-Box, Aunty Julie isn't speaking to Bethany because she forgot her birthday, Mum won't come if Dad brings his new girlfriend, and you forgot to put the frozen turkey out to defrost and apparently that's YOUR FAULT! Ahhhh!!!!

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Sticking to New Years Resolutions with ACT!

Keeping New Years Resolutions! How tricky can it be, right??

We all have good intentions when we make the promise to ourselves for the New Year. Whether it's to: lose weight, give up smoking, or spend less time at work... But how do we make it stick?? Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT principles, we can start a process of Goal Setting with a Purpose...

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